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Minecraft Explorers is a way of playing Minecraft multiplayer which promotes constant exploration and migration and tests the survival skills and teamwork abilities of even the most veteran Minecraft players. Explorers accomplishes this by imposing a rule set which must be followed at all times which forces the players to make decisions which they would normally not face in standard survival mode. Try it for yourself on your server to experience it! 


Official Rules

The Multiplayer version of "Survivalist"



  • Survive, explore new lands and progress all players' accomplishments as long as possible.
  • Hardcore mode (If any player dies, game over and the world is deleted). 

Food & health Rules:

  • Raw food must be cooked by the end of the day or it will spoil and then must be discarded at sunrise.

Building/Placing Rules:

  • No restrictions on placement of blocks or items to build a shelter.
  • No restrictions for non-shelter building. 

Crafting Rules:

  • No crafting restrictions.

Tools Rules:

  • Must use the proper tool when available (shovel for dirt/gravel/etc., axe for wood, pick for mining). 

Shelter Rules:

  • Must find or build a new shelter in a different biome every evening and shelter in it.
  • Shelters may be reused if all other rules are followed (different biome every night). 

Sleep/Bed Rules:

  • Crafting a bed and sleeping in it is prohibited. You must survive the night awake!

Carry and Travel Rules:

  • No inventory restrictions.